Limited Edition SR-71 Blackbird Set Signed by One Pilot

Limited to only 71, our SR-71 Blackbird coin set is accompanied by an insert individually hand signed by Blackbird pilot and Vietnam veteran, Calvin Augustin.


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Limited Edition SR-71 Blackbird Coin set. 

Limited to only 71 sets worldwide, this is your chance to own a stunning collectible coin set that includes the signature of a SR-71 Blackbird pilot!

Taking centre stage is a 2.5″ coin featuring the famous Mach 3+ club patch with the Blackbird displayed in awesome detail never seen before on a coin in the UK.  The reverse depicts the Blackbird and her slender lines head on with the nose of the aircraft protruding 4mm from the face of the coin in 3D detail that has to be seen to be believed.

The second coin calls upon another well known patch worn by Blackbird crews and a patriotic front on view of the aircraft against a backdrop of the star spangled banner.

Accompanying the coins is the signature of Calvin Augustin, hand signed in gold. Read more about Calvin here:

Calvin has flown the fastest aircraft in the world, the SR-71, and the slowest, the Good Year blimp and a few others in-between. After graduating from pilot training, Calvin’s first assignment was a B-52 where he flew four tours in Vietnam,  two as a copilot and two as a aircraft commander.

He flew 127 successful combat missions in Vietnam and one not so successful mission, the exception being where his aircraft was damaged by a SA-2 missile and never flew again.  Calvin’s next assignment was as a T-38 instructor for four years at Reese AFB, TX. At Reese he was a flight commander, Chief of Check Section and T-38 Chief of Standards and evaluation.  Calvin was honoured as the Instructor Pilot of the Year while at Reese.

Calvin’s next assignment was as a SR-71 pilot.  Additionally while at Beale he was Chief of T-38 Standards again.  Calvin served 10 years on active duty in the USAF and 12 years in the USAF Reserves and retired as a Lt. Col.  At the same time Calvin was in the Reserves, he was also a Captain at US Airways where he flew the BAC-111, F-100, DC-9, Boeing 737,757, and 767.  Of the 26 years at US Airways, he was in the training department for 20 years and a FAA Examiner on the F-100, B-757 and B-767.  After retiring from US Airways, he went to work as a contractor for Boeing where he is currently employed.  Presently Calvin is an instructor and FAA examiner on the B-777 and B-787. Along the way he accumulated three Masters degrees and three sons. He is married to Suna Murray, a former Olympic figure skater.

Medals and Awards

  • 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses
  • 2 Meritorious Service Medals
  • 8 Air Medals
  • Vietnam Service Medal
  • Republic Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Device
  • Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal
  • Instructor Pilot of the Year at Reese AFB, Texas
  • Eagle Scout


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