Tornado Farewell Coin Set

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Tornado Farewell Coin Set 

Setting the standard for Tornado commemoratives, Club Coins UK is proud and excited to present our long awaited and eagerly anticipated Tornado GR Farewell coin set.

Taking centre stage is a stunning  2.50″ diameter coin that is 5mm thick and weighs in at over 90 grams! Each squadron/unit that has operated the Tornado GR in Royal Air Force service is represented around the edge in minute detail. The Tornado triangle patch is depicted in the centre of the coin using matt black enamel to ‘pop’ out the colours. The reverse has the Tornado plan form with both paint schemes applied during its service, camouflage and RAF grey.

A smaller, 1.75″ diameter coin sits above the 2.50″ coin in the box. This coin features the crest of each of the two final RAF Tornado squadrons, IX (B) Sqn and 31 Sqn.

The coins come in a beautiful black presentation box with a printed lid inside and out.



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  1. spookyflyer

    Wow, what a set.
    The Tornado GR Farewell Coin Set is outstanding. The set comes in a large black leather presentation box, with a wing-swept Tornado embossed on the lid, lined with a flock base presenting the Coins and the lid is lined with material padding also featuring the wing-swept Tornado.
    The Coins come in 2 sizes, the smaller coin depicts the last 2 Squadrons that were to operate the Tornado right up until it’s retirement, which incidentally were also the 2 longest serving Tornado GR Squadrons.
    The coin features on one side the 9 (B) ‘Bat’ Squadron crest atop the Squadron colour bar and while the obtuse features the 31 ‘Goldstars’ Squadron crest atop the Squadron colour bar, both surrounded by the squadron name and the years they operated the Tornado GR.
    The larger of the 2 coins features a plan view of the Tornado in both fully swept and unswept flight, with one half in the later RAF Grey scheme and the other half in the earlier camouflage scheme. This is then set against a back ground of the RAF Roundel, edged with Royal Air Force Tornado Farewell lettering.
    The obtuse of this larger coin feature the Tri-Tornado badge edged by all the Squadrons that have flown the Tornado GR during its service life.
    Both of the Coins are vibrant and rich in colour, the quality of the cut of the Coins is fantastic and certainly unrivalled with its level of detail on each coin.
    The best yet…I certainly think so.

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