Donald Campbell’s Bluebird K7 back on the water.

Bluebird K7 - Donald Campbell - Commemorative coin - Club Coins UK

Yesterday, Donald Campbell’s Bluebird K7 was put back onto water post a full restoration.

In 2016 whilst researching forthcoming anniversaries and significant events Club Coins UK managing director, Tom,  realised it would be the 50th Anniversary of Campell’s fateful attempt to break the World Water Speed Record at Coniston in January 1967. On his return run, Campbell’s craft left the water and performed a somersault before plunging into Coniston Water. Campbell was killed instantly.

Tom contacted Campbell’s daughter, Gina, who granted permission for 50th anniversary coins to be produced.

As Tom read up on Campbell, he became fascinated by him and his derring-do spirit. A legend who died trying to push the boundaries. Tom attended the 50th Anniversary commemorations at Coniston on 4th January 2017.

The silver plated coins can be purchased here:

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