CXX Sqn Exercise “Arctic Falcon 23” PVC Patch


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CXX Sqn Exercise “Arctic Falcon 23” PVC Patch

Official patch for CXX Sqn Poseidon MRA.1 participating in Exercise “ARCTIC FALCON 23” in Norway.

CXX Sqn, as part of the combined co-operative force elements with the Royal Norwegian Air Force (part of their Maritime capability build up), were hosted at Evenes Air Station for a Multi-nation training exercise. As this exercise period coincided with Remembrance Day, the squadron took the opportunity to visit several CXX Sqn war graves at Narvik.

The Nordic knot, flags and poppy were chosen as motifs on the patch to symbolise the shared history of co-operation and loss between the two countries, moving forward in to continued collaboration on Maritime Ops with both nations operating the P-8 aircraft.

Measuring 3.50″ inches in width.


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